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Monday, August 15, 2011

The difference between a hobbyist and a career focused filmmaker? the 25% rule.

What is the biggest difference between a hobbyist and a career oriented filmmaker? about 75%. No this is not some bad joke. This is, in my honest opinion, the truth.

I think the concept is simple, so I will keep the entry short:

Filmmaking is:

25% being on set and creating the piece. Hobbyist just do this. And agreed- this is by far the best part.

25% marketing yourself. With social media this is easier than ever. Market yourself online in FB and Twitter. Tell the world what you are doing, not in a bragging sense but more in a "FB is my blog" sense. Just let everyone that cares know what you are up to.

25% networking. That cliche of it is not what you know but who you know is more true than we wish it was. So, go out, network, make friends. Someone said to me once, "Ultimately people just want to work with their friends." So, when you meet someone new- try to have non business related interactions with them. And with FB and TWITTER it is easy as hell to keep up on a semi-regular basis.

25% practicing/studying/improving. We should always strive to get better. If you even think you don't need to be taught, can't improve anymore, are above taking classes or just simply don't think you should be trained anymore- get out of the business. Seriously. There is the door- now just leave. I really don't care how you improve, practice or study- whether it is a formal class or it is a book or it is you goofing off with your friends to make it. Just do it.

Well- there it is. My thoughts on filmmaking. Perhaps next I will write about the attitudes I take with me that get me from one project to the next?

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