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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ways to use #indieMM to promote your film

I have been considering uses and ways to grow the #indieMM Social Media Filmmaking movement. Here is a list of such brainstorms. PLEASE tell me your thoughts as your feedback is respected and wanted.

1) I am going to create an overall Blog catalog of #indieMM tweets broken down into helpful Filmmaking sites, a Film's Site/blog, a link to an available streaming film (broken down into webseries, short film, feature, documentary, and music video) ,a film's funding site, a film's collaborative filmmaking site, a film's Facebook fan page, a link to a film's DVD for sale and of course suggested Twitter users. Remember I am simply going to copy and paste YOUR tweet, take a moment to make it sell your film.

2) Here is a tip to help get buzz around your film: When creating your perfect "Twitter Pitch" Use a tag line that is under 110 characters long when promoting your film. This leaves room for your link and an easy (cut and paste, vowel shortening free) retweet.

3) Spread #IndieMM to Facebook. Simply cut and paste your Tweet to your Status update. Simple, easy and gets the word out there.

4) Conversate- discuss- comment- retweet on the various tweets and links being posted. Give the various #IndieMM Filmmakers your feedback. I am sure they appreciate, want and need it. And who knows you may also make a new contact in the process.

5) I would love to see #IndieMM tweetups pop up in various cities around the world. Use it to network and make some new face to face contacts and revisit already established contacts. If you tweeted from the event, I would even catalog the #IndieMM tweets from the event.

6) What about an #IndieMM film distribution process? What if we all found a film to play and support at a venue in our city (even if the venue was our living room)? See Bravenewtheaters for an example.

7) Give us live updates about your film from your phone no matter what stage of filmmaking you are it. (it is especially fun when you take a couple minutes here and there to do when you are on set shooting- maybe get your crew/cast involved too?)

8) Create a Call to Action for your film Facebook Fan Page fans. Ask them to link your film in their status update and/or twitter. Even create a simple update for them that links your film.

9) The most important- ALWAYS USE #IndieMM when talking about filmmaking!

Okay my dear friends, fans and followers- what are your thoughts? Do you have an indea I did not mention?

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