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Friday, December 9, 2011

Define the heart of LA

I am in search of the heart of LA however I am not sure I know exactly what the means. It is so metaphorical and general that- really- it could be anything you want it to and perhaps, perhaps that is the answer. How do I define "the heart of LA"?

I mentioned this search in a Facebook status when someone commented, "It is straight through your chest man." This began a spinning wheel of thoughts- and questions.

Was he telling me that maybe I have the ability to be the heart of LA? hm. That seemed a little too self involved and ridiculous for anyone to actually believe that.

Perhaps he too was speaking metaphorically. Perhaps everyone has the ability to be their own heart of LA. This statement, it seems more reasonable. I could be my own heart and define it on my own.

I am the heart of the Mental Eclectic and have been for a decade and a half- and will always be. The Mental is what I use to define my career, therefor it is my heart of LA.

Fuck finding the metaphorical heart of Los Angeles. That quest is nearly an impossible but rather define it on your own. Maybe, just maybe others will consider it their heart too.

So, how do I go about this? Philosophically I have many an idea and like to think I have been living these ideas for quite some time. I will continue to live and work this way and let my actions speak for themselves.

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